Buena Park school District Hand Washing Contest

Do you like to create videos?
All Buena Park School District students are invited to join our district in improving hand hygiene awareness within our district community by participating in our Hand Washing Video Contest!
WHEN: Interested students may submit a video no later than 4pm on August 20th to CWApermits@bpsd.us BPSD Educational Services Division employees will vote for the best video entry the week of August 24th
WINNER’S PRIZE: There will be one winner in each category. The winner receiving the most votes will be announced at the
September Board of Education Meeting. Winners will be recognized by the Board of Education, provided with a Certificate, and will receive a $25.00 gift card. Join us in the challenge!
Instructions for sending a video
1. Record your video and connect your video to a computer (or save your video in some way).
2. Submit your video to CWApermits@bpsd.us. Make sure you tag your email #BPSDhandwashingchallenge.
Contact Dr. Briseno Simonovski to answer any questions at 714.522.8412.